This fan-made character creator for Untitled Goose Game lets the goose be a detective

An indie game developer working on upcoming life simulation game Paralives has made an unofficial character creator for Untitled Goose Game, leaving fans of the latter wondering why this isn’t a feature in the game already.

Not only does the character creator let you change the goose’s body type, but there’s a few potential outfits for your feathery avatar too: including a crown and some kingly robes, a beanie hat and t-shirt, and even a detective style get-up (complete with a deerstalker cap) – presumably to catch the thief that’s stolen every single item in the game.

The developer behind the unofficial goose creator, Alex Massé, put together the feature using the editing tools for Paralives as a test, as the characters for that game aren’t quite ready to be shown to the world yet.

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