Project Resistance is 4v1 multiplayer built in the RE Engine

Capcom unveiled Project Resistance in a CG teaser trailer earlier this week, and that brief glimpse suggested a cooperative multiplayer game where four survivors take on hordes of zombies controlled by a mysterious overseer. Today we’ve got the full breakdown and yeah, that’s exactly what this will be.

The game is still known as Project Resistance, but Capcom says that is a working title. Development is a partnership between Capcom and NeoBards Entertainment – the studio behind many past Capcom ports and remasters – and will be built in the RE Engine which powered recent hits like the Resident Evil 2 remake and Devil May Cry 5.

One player is the ‘Mastermind,’ who follows the four survivors through a network of security cameras. As the Mastermind, you use a “strategic deck of cards” to build in monsters, traps, and other obstacles. You can take direct control of the monsters, including – as implied by the previous trailer – Mr. X himself.

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