‘Alchemy Story’ Builds Farm Animal Affections Through Dance

You’re an apprentice alchemist trying to deal with some dark magic afoot in the village. Doesn’t mean you can’t take time to waltz with your cows to cheer them up.

Alchemy Story will have you working to break the spell that’s turned folks into animals, but let’s no be too hasty about this. Everyone is pretty dang adorable in this state. It’s much nicer to ship your crafted goods through a charming owl, or sell the crops you grow through a highly-cute rodent. Sure, evil magic and all that, but should you really mess with a world that’s this cute?

There’s a lot more to life than fiddling with alchemy, too. You can spend your time growing veggies, harvesting honey from hives, fishing, mining for ore, and running a market stall when you’re not working hard to undo evil magic. If you decide to keep some farm animals around, though, you’ll have to focus on making them happy. This is done through dancing, for whatever reason, which is so utterly charming that it may be all you find yourself doing. The farm will keep. The cows must dance tonight!

Alchemy Story offers a bright, cheerful world that you can find a pastoral life for yourself in, and enough relaxing activities to keep you busy for some time. It’s a lovely place to eke out a living, and a great place to kickstart your career in celebrity farm animal dance competitions.

Alchemy Story is available now (in an Early Access state) on itch.io and Steam.

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