‘Tower of Fortune’ Developer Game Stew’s New Game ‘Adventure Pinball’ Arrives this Week

Developer Game Stew has garnered quite a dedicated following of fans over the years due to their retro-stylings and their ability to blend interesting mechanics together. Their most famous series is Tower of Fortune which combines slot machine gameplay with roguelike dungeon crawling, but they’ve released a number of other quirky and inventive games in addition to that trilogy. Their latest is called Adventure Pinball and, as you might have guessed, it blends pinball gameplay with adventuring and light RPG elements. It also uses Game Stew’s familiar Game Boy-esque monochromatic visuals. Here’s the trailer for Adventure Pinball.

In Adventure Pinball you’ll be trying to save the world from the Dark Queen by playing pinball across three different playfields as well as lots of mini dungeons to explore. You’ll face off against 7 different bosses along the way, as well as collect a number of different types of equipment to help you in your endeavors. I’m a big fan of Game Stew’s stuff and I’m also a huge pinball fan, so I’m really looking forward to Adventure Pinball when it arrives later this week on Thursday, September 5th. Until then you can talk about this one ahead of its release in our forums.

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