Arsenal star retaliates, after fans voted him as a second-worst defender in the world.

Mustafi hit back his own fans after getting ridiculed on social media.

All it takes is one great performance from a player to collect massive favourable comments from fans and also one poor performance for getting slammed by fans. Fans are always ready to criticize their star players on social media even when the player is going through a tough phase.

The similar case happened with Arsenal’s German international Shkodran Mustafi who remained at the Emirates despite of being in the summer transfer rumours. Being aware of all the negative comments and criticism he receives online from his own supporters.

He came second in the poll after one hundred and fifty-thousand votes were cast. The 27- year old centre back finished with 35 percent of the total tally, following Phil Jones of Manchester United claiming the first position with nearly fifty percent.

Shkodran Mustafi slammed his own fans for voting him as the second-worst defender in the world.

He said,

In the first two years after my move to Arsenal in 2016, things went very well for me. I saw myself as a performer.

But shortly after Christmas 2018, there was a kink. I’ve made a few mistakes and they’ve created a mess that I’ve never experienced before.

had missed three weeks injured and then went into the [Liverpool] game without training with the team because the coach needed me. At half-time it was 4-1, I looked bad a few times and have injured myself again.

Afterwards, I got a lot of negative comments from Arsenal fans on Instagram and Twitter, and articles were written in which I was harshly criticized. I’m self-critical enough to realize that I made those mistakes.”

“I can also deal with harsh criticism. But the criticism has escalated and become irrational. I have become a target. At some point, people even blamed me for a defeat in which I hadn’t played at all.”

Furthermore, Mustafi also singled out ex-Gunner Emmanuele Petit for his comments, after he tabbed the former a ‘king of blunders’.

Adding further he said,

That annoyed me a lot. It’s one thing when fans or the media criticise you.

But it’s something completely different when an ex-player, who knows how hard it is sometimes on the field, says something like that.

I expect those players to be more sensitive and to see what this sharp criticism can do. In the past, it might have been in the paper for a day and then people would have forgotten. Today it’s on the Internet and it’s going to haunt me for the rest of my career.”

Author’s Take:

Getting the negative comments from a former player is itself something really humiliating and when players like Shkodran Mustafi who is having a tough time in making his name and giving his best former players must support them rather than putting some negative comments on the internet.

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