Here Are 3 5G Phones to Get You Ready for Beijing’s Super-Speed Network

The era of 5G is here! Kind of. 

Beginning next month, all three major Chinese telecommunication carriers will have launched 5G service for consumers in Beijing. (China Mobile and China Unicom actually launched theirs in May, but China Telecom was a bit late to the party.) Unfortunately, there are a few catches for those who absolutely must be at the fore of the technological front.

For one thing, although it doesn’t require users to obtain a new SIM card, the service does require a plan upgrade at an additional cost. Even then, the services are still rolling out, so there is no guaranteed that you’ll find 5G coverage everywhere in the city. There are currently 7,800 5G base stations already up and running, which is about twice as many as when the services launched, and that number will hit 10,000 by year’s end, according to China Daily. However, that is only enough to fully cover the “core areas” of the city, as well as the Olympic Park, Daxing International Airport, Horticultural Expo venues, and a few subway lines.

So let’s say you spend all your time in Sanlitun or on Tsinghua University campus and you’re willing to shell out the extra monthly cash for the phone bill. Well then, there’s just one more thing you need: a 5G phone. Below, we outline the major 5G phones that already are or will be on the market in China by the end of this month to help you prepare for… THE FUTURE.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ 5G

This latest in the Galaxy Note line has been defined as having the best camera of 2019 so far, although later releases may outdo it. The design is notable for being almost entirely bezel-less, therefore giving you more screen for your kuai, as well as its simple dot front camera rather than a drop-dot notch that other phones have employed. Overall, the Note 10+ (also pictured at top) is the clear choice for speed seekers as it packs a huge 12GB RAM and a powerful processor, but it’s going to cost you – preorders are RMB 6,999. The official release date is Aug 23.

Huawei Mate 20 X 5G

Launched Aug 16, this is the first of several 5G phones that Huawei has in store, including one highly anticipated but indefinitely delayed foldable model. Until that is released, the Mate 20 ranks as a more standard issue for the current market, with a dot notch front camera and some bezel on the top and bottom. It does have a larger battery than the above Samsung though, which could make it better for everyday use, and it’s a bit more affordable at RMB 6,199.

ZTE Axon 10 Pro 5G 

Launched earlier this year, ZTE’s Axon 10 Pro has similar camera specs to the Huawei Mate 20 X, although the processing power doesn’t quite match up. It does look quite nice thanks to its curved-edge display – similar to what Samsung has utilized previously – and a bit of a discount makes it attractive too: RMB 5,799.


Overall, given that 5G technology and coverage access is only just warming up, it may be best to hold out until the end of the year before you switch in your current model. However, if you just can’t wait, one of the phones above should put you in good stead to browse the interwebs faster than man ever has before.

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Images: Android Authority, Shenmenzhidimai, DxOmark, Gulf News, GSMarena


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