Yet Another Manga Turns Out to Be Pop Team Epic in Disguise


Bkub Okawa, the creator of subculture manga and anime hit Pop Team Epic, never just makes an announcement: he trolls. Long-time readers have learned that if he ever announces a new manga or spinoff, there are good odds it’s secretly the next season of the anarchic fan-favorite series.


Most recently, Manga Life Win (the 4-koma distribution website of manga publisher Takeshobo) premiered Pop-tan: a kinder, gentler Pop Team Epic spinoff. This super-cute pastel take on the series stars Pop-tan and Pipi-tan, two best buddies who just want to tickle each other and buy each other ice cream. The first page also promised the debut of a never-before-seen character.



The exciting appearance of Guy Who Runs into Pop-tan and Makes Her Drop Her Ice Cream led into a page that reveals what we should all have been prepared for by now… Pop-tan is actually Season 5 of Pop Team Epic:



Okawa began this game back when he announced he’d be drawing idol rom-com Hoshiiro Girldrop. The story only made it a couple pages before unmasking itself as a second season of his kuso manga hit:



Enjoy the antics of Tol Girl and Smol Girl as the Pop Team Epic manga continues.


>> Pop-tan/Pop Team Epic Season 5 Website

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